Rushing Through

Artsy Online Exclusive Show BBA Gallery

Introducing artist Cate Wind with her first online exclusive show titled 'Rushing Through'. The shows title alludes to experience. Wind's collection of work aims to capture and reproduce feelings from situations, experiences, crises, life cycles within a visual body of work.


Light and colours play a central role in my paintings with glass. Not only one version of a thought or a theme is shown - they change depending on the viewing angle and time of day.
Through shaped broken glass, light is reflected in different directions. It creates a multi-layered, vivid image - as in life, there is not always one perspective. The glass shards gently glide over oil paint - while leaving traces and revealing the lower layers, they can be seen as a unique way of track reading.
In the image Mind microscope, different layers of colours and thin glass alternate, sometimes we catch a glimpse of lower layers, like different thoughts that interact in their importance and revealing another aspect. What connect these works is what I call „rushing through“.
It is a layering of situations, experiences, crises, life cycles and feelings that define our perception. When it passes you, profound experiences can break through and become trapped permanently. This is is the state, I try to capture and reproduce visually.What touches us as perception, changes the inner world of thoughts and so it finds an expression.



Jun 8th – 22nd


June 8, 2021