Planet B

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Our open call inviting artists to participate in this year’s exhibition received an overwhelming response. Of the many interesting and diverse proposals submitted, finally seven wonderful artists were chosen:

Katarina Belkina, Jay Gard, Ulrike Hannemann, Keiko Kimoto, Tegene Kunbi, Tom Streit, and Cate Wind.


These artists have radically diverse approaches to their work, but each of them excels not only in quality and authenticity, but also displays complimentarity to the other artists. Of course, the works will have to stand the test of continuously inspiring not only our guests at the Foundation but also our team, which will be “living” with these art works on a daily basis. Contrary to a traditional “white cube” situation, the works are exhibited in hallways, conference rooms, and reception areas, exposed to varying light situations and occasionally forced to share a wall with a socket, an escape plan or a fire extinguisher.


We hope you will share our appreciation: From Belkina’s precisely staged character studies and the finely crafted form language of Gard’s objects to the intuitive, masterful paintings of Kimoto and the ingeniously minimal landscapes of Streit; from the spontaneous and vivid, albeit strictly organized color fields of Kunbi to Hannemann’s meticulous and sensitive analogue photocollages to the post-futuristic holistic compressions by Wind – in the spirit of responsible leadership we offer you a palette of tools to consider the thought experiment “Planet B” as a way of looking at the world.


We are grateful for the opportunity to curate this third exhibition for the BMW Foundation and thank you for your continued support and trust. Thank you also to all artists that responded to our call and, of course, especially to our seven selected artists – we are most grateful for your trust and generosity!


Ianessa Norris & Matthieu Séry

February 5, 2020